A project for Dos Pinos

This is a project to accompany the course and the book Warehouse & Distribution Science, at the Georgia Institute of Technology, by John J. BARTHOLDI, III and Steven T. HACKMAN. Everyone is welcome to use the book and materials for educational purposes, as long as all copyrights remain intact.

The company and the distribution center

Read about the company and see the distribution center here.

Concerns at Dos Pinos

These concerns hold both for the current warehouse and for the expanded warehouse, for which construction is now beginning.

Space utilization

Dos Pinos is concerned that they may have poor utilization of expensive chilled space. They also worry about excessive travel by order pickers because pallet rack does not offer attractive sku density. Would it be better to pick low-volume products from carton flow rack? This would allow many more skus to be presented within a small area and so reduce travel. How much flow rack would be appropriate? What would be the estimated costs of picking and replenishment?

Could the same thing be accomplished without carton flow rack? What would be the implications of storing multiple skus in the same pallet position? By storing crates with the narrow face forward, crates can be stored 6 across and 2 deep. By storing with the wide face forward, crates can be stored 4 across and 3 deep.

Restocking less-than-pallet quantities may present some challenges. If pallets in upper levels are to be broken down, then a high-lift person-aboard truck is required. Also, there could be safety problems in having loose pallets stored high in an area that is prone to earthquakes.


Develop recommendations for reslotting the carton-pick-from-pallet regions.


Is the current pick path — down one side of the aisle and back the other side — the best? Is there any advantage to using a “Z-pick”?

Plan for Dos
     Pinos distribution center

Figure 1: Layout of the Dos Pinos distribution center. The planned expansion is in blue.


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